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Gravity Gone
- The Stone Mystery -

A fusion accident in 1977 creates unusual stones eventually acquired by a bright young engineer, Ray Holland. Many years later a mysterious levitation event, which directly involves the stones challenges Ray to create a device to manifest their powers. He with his soon-to-be wife Tessa pool their resources and begin an adventure in unraveling the undetermined power of the stones.  To complicate matters, two FBI agents start poking around under inscrutable circumstances. The agents soon encounter a Russian man who has comparable interests in the Hollands. Two specific testing events of his device go beyond expectation, leading to unwanted attention. Eventually the Russian man is able to steal one of Rays’ experimental devices, determined to force Ray to show him it’s capabilities. In time they meet up, Ray must provide all the answers, but matters come to a dramatic conclusion. Come join in this adventure of science, mystery, murder, and investigation with Ray and Tessa.

Gravity Gone Front Cover


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