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Gravity Gone - The Stone Mystery Cover

Gravity Gone Series

Gravity Gone -
The Stone Mystery

A fusion accident in 1977 creates unusual stones eventually acquired by a bright young man, Ray Holland. Many years later a mysterious levitation event which directly involve the stones pushes Ray to design and create a device called GG-1. He and his soon to be wife Tessa pool their resources and together they begin an adventure in unraveling the undetermined power of the stones. To complicate matters, two FBI agents start poking around under inscrutable circumstances. The agents soon encounter a Russian man who has comparable interests in the Hollands. Two specific testing events of the GG-1 device go beyond expectation, leading to unwanted attention. Eventually the Russian man is able to steal one of Rays’ experimental devices and is determined to force Ray to show him what it is capable of. In time they meet up and Ray must provide all the answers, but matters come to a dramatic conclusion. Come join in this adventure of science, mystery, murder, and investigation with Ray and Tessa.

Desperate Measures cover

***Available Now***

Desperate Measures

The Hollands are back. This time it starts out rough. Tessa is 20 weeks along in her pregnancy, Ray is overwhelmed at Laubner Labs, and things come to a breaking point. A car accident sends them both to the hospital, another fight, and Ray goes home alone. A Russian pair show up and take Ray in revenge for the death of a brother of the Russian man. Tessa comes home to a mess, and evidence of a kidnapping. His fusion stones and the GG experiment components missing also. The FBI now involved try to unravel what has happened. Meanwhile Ray is taken to a ship and is headed to Russian to die. Soon the chase is on, with the involvement of the Coast Guard, rescue attempts, and finally an dramatic unexpected outcome. Come join again in the adventure and suspense.

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Coming in 2026


This story is only in my head. The third in the Gravity Gone Series. More adventures with Ray, Tessa, and even Angelina.

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